Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am going to agree with half the planet and say that Lefty was amazing at the Masters last weekend. He stuck some shots; like the 204 6-iron through the trees that really place him in a special category. Reflecting on his game and my own I came to the conclusion that I have to shorten my back swing. I know I will not look like a golfer as much, its true. But, all of my wedges, PW, 52*, 56*, 60*; I swing with a ¾ swing and I can stick those close. I even hit a flag stick last weekend. Given this I am going to copy Phil's style of shortening the back swing and crushing the ball. My overreaching is causing me to come to much to the inside on the take away and over the top on the downswing...ergo visa-vi...osea... my power fade, amazing cut, i.e. slicerony special. I am not proud to admit that, but its the truth. So I will give progress reports on that.
I read another article about the Catholic Church. This time it was about a Church official who opened his mouth and said that pedophilia is linked to your sexual orientation. Obviously that is ridiculous, and the CC in England released a press statement that stated the opposite but the damage was done. Why are they so quick to jump all over the Church for any utterance. Did you know that the Boy Scouts of America had to pay a pretty penny for molesting kids, no because they are good ole boys and the media wants to always crush the Church. I am tired of it. Oh and this whole thing about the UK trying to detain the pope during his visit in a few weeks. They are trying to come up with a way to question the Pope's head of State designation. Why? So they can sue him. Can they please give it up already. He has been recognized as a head of state for decades, the Holy See is not going to back down to the pressure of these attorney's busy making a name for themselves. Its ridiculous. Lets just get to the issues. The Church needs to be more open about its policies and should disclose criminal acts done by its priests sooner, so justice may be served upon them. They are working on it. 1/6 people on the planet is a Catholic. To try and get every Diocese on the same plane is going to take time. People at a dinner table can't agree, now imagine millions of tables in different languages. Just relax people. OH, and FYI there is an Event in San Clemente to Benefit research for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Its at a local pub in town on Sunday 3-6pm. for more info under the san clemente link; if you can make it go, or donate online. The kids will thank you.
Law School – kicking butt and taking names. Just kidding. I am freaking out over finals and I have been a little shaky the last few days. I think that I am getting sick (throat and ear infection). Anyhow, its going well. I am outlining some more and listening to more lectures during my ridiculous commute. I think once tomorrow, TAX DEATH DAY, has passed I shall be able to relax and get some more done. I am taking a few days off before my second final to prepare so that should be relaxing.

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