Thursday, April 1, 2010

In a recent Supreme Court decision Padilla v. Kentucky the majority opinion was that in order to protect the 6th Amendment lawyers must advise about deportation consequences of pleading guilty or being found guilty in a criminal proceeding.   The guy had been a permanent resident for 40 years; he pleaded guilty and was going to be deported.  On appeal he claimed ineffective assistance of counsel.  He won his appeal by a 7-2 vote.  I think that guy should have known the consequences of his criminal behavior could lead to his deportation.  However, I concur that the attorney should have reminded him, but it feels like any constitution is meant to protect a group of people not all people.  I am not protected by the Constitution of another country am I?  I concede that the US is in a special place because we are a nation of immigrants; it just feels like that’s too much of a loop-hole.  -Oh, I am a criminal, and my attorney told me to take the plea deal, so now I am getting deported, poor me.  Just makes no sense to me and it speaks ill of the immigrants following the law, paying taxes but not claiming them because of legal status.  In some regards the criminals among the immigrant community enjoy the rights and the ones that slave to earn a living get poorer treatment under the law.

I have read a lot of stories bashing the Pope and the Church.  I feel that they are either: under researched or spiteful.  I agree those priests who abused children should pay and that mistakes were made.  But do not mis-interpret a religion’s dogma to suit your claim, one letter to the Pope I read said that they no longer would worship the Pope and that the Church had lost its moral authority over them.  The Church is not a dictator nor does it force any rules upon you.  If you chose to disregard the “rules” it is up to you, but don’t act like you are on a higher moral ground because of the slow response or inadequate response of some members of the clergy.  Church is a compass, it points to a direction, goodness, and how you get there is between you and God.  Catholics do not worship the Pope.  He is the leader of the Church but worship is only for God.  Research facts,  all who spit to heaven wipe your faces.

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