Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Obama wants to send us to the Moon. He is a smart man. I think it is very clever; just like Kennedy. When JFK needed some deflection from the political turmoil, he rallied the country to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Millions were spent but no one cared because we were one and we were beating the Communists. Curiously, Obama is a golfer (we all know this), during the Masters all the commercials were from Exxon Mobil and a program/scholarship to put more math and science teachers in middle schools. It’s a nice series of commercials, even Lefty is in one of them. I think the line is, there is math and science in everything, even golf…and about today’s tinkerer’s being the future. I wonder if there are any cuts for big businesses coming down the pipeline. Mars by 2030; 2030-2010 = 20, i.e. those middle school children (age 10) + 20 years = 30 year old engineers. Hmm, interesting. I also heard from a source that the trend may be towards privatizing schools to reign in spending and limit pensions and health benefits. It would definitely be a good in for big companies to literally farm the next generation of geniuses. I know I am speculating but the connections are not so far flung to avoid or dismiss them. There is a deeper meaning to the Mars thing than just a sense of achievement for the country. I guess it’s my paranoid side, but there has to be an angle and I think its connected. Hey, they say that most deals are made on the golf course right?

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