Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I had a good weekend.  The highlight was going out with the whole family to the zoo.  My nephews are awesome in small doses.  Cheers to all those with young children.  They are great but they never get tired until they drop to take a nap, then they are golden after a few minutes.    In the last few weeks I have learned some lessons.  I learned these personally and/or by watching others. 
1.      Always have an exit strategy
2.      Park far from wherever you are going
3.      Avoid documentation of what you do.
I have been in some interesting situations; many of them good some of them bad.  Always be ready to get out regardless if it is good or bad.  Remember that determination is only made in hindsight so on the spot you have to go with instinct and hopefully some well grooved habits.  Park far away from where you are going.  No one likes dings on their car, or parking tickets.  Also if you get into trouble you do not want whoever is looking for you to know what car you drive; if it’s a good trouble you want to be far enough away not to be noticed.  Don’t allow yourself to be documented in questionable situations.  A lot of people fail at this one.  I know you want to share with your friends what you are up too, but don’t forget everything online is fair game for everyone.  Did you know that all tweets are now being stored in the library of congress?  Yeah all those 14 word babbles of non-sense, forever viewable.  Be smart, for your own sake.  

I changed it to a set of Ping Eye 2+ (orange).  I just like the look and I want to give myself a little more forgiveness than the ISI-K’s which have a little bounce and little cavity.  I want to be able to score and hit more Greens in regulation so I am shortening my backswing and just thinking smooth through impact.  I have been forgetting to actively roll my wrist through impact and I just leave the club head hanging there so I am always hitting a fade.  Also my putting stroke is suffering.  I lose my tempo because I can’t start the putter head back soon enough and I end up reconsidering the line while above the putt.  So I am going to roll with the forward press.  Not a huge one but enough to only change the face of the putter a degree or two.  I practiced it and my timing and puts started more naturally and felt smooth.  I stayed shoulder length apart and still straight stance, neither open nor closed. 

Last night I stayed up reviewing Contracts law dealing with Parol Evidence.  The rule itself can either protect justice or harbor injustice depending on its application.  Its purpose is that a judge can determine as a matter of law what evidence to admit or not to admit when there is a written contract between parties.  There is a Supreme Court case being heard today in regards to personal texts being sent with work phones.  I am not going to chat about it until there is a decision, but…it made me think…would the Court consider texts as contemporaneous written agreements or as contemporaneous oral communication.  The Parol Evidence rule, simply put excludes oral and written info prior to the contract, oral contemporaneous info at contract time, but it will allow evidence of contemporaneous written, and subsequent oral and written info.  What would text messages be considered since they are sent in lieu of speaking?  It does not seem they would be considered “writing” for purposes of the rule. Right?     I emailed my professor.  She brought up another good point, whether or not texts fall within the Statute of Frauds.  I can’t even wrap my head around that one at this point.

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