Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Masters tournament is here; this tournament unlike others does not change is Georgian location yet remains an evolving cathedral for golf’s finest hour.  To play the 18th on Masters Sunday at Augusta National is every golfer’s dream.  The course has been updated due to the “Tiger Woods Era” but retains the same charm that brought names like Jones, Hogan, Palmer and recently Cabrera into the realm of golf immortality.  The tournaments traditions have made it a major and its tales tragedy, i.e. Norman 96, make it unforgettable.  This year marking the return of Tiger Woods 2.0 and center stage offers two stories; redemption or opportunity.  Redemption for a past champion whose Thanksgiving turkey will haunt him forever or opportunity for anyone willing to step up to the tee box and usher in an new era for golf.  Whatever the case may be it will be exciting and every putt will count.
I have been reading a lot lately.  I think that the break really helped get my head level.  A few months ago I was very troubled, but I gave myself a mental deadline.  The plan was to let my mind wander were it may until the month of April.  Funny, I think I wrote about that being my deadline.  Regardless of whatever the consequences, decisions, actions or anything April was my sworn deadline.  The spending of energy in useless thinking is gone and replacing it are me and school.  FYI…YouTube - Drunk history - look for Tesla or George Washington. It is entertaining and nerdy at the same time. And if you have time, check out the progression of my golf swings.  I have not updated in a while but: alexderbez is the name. 
Torts and Contracts have been great to learn.  I think that the law of Torts tends to have a policy lean to most of the decisions; whereas Contracts (K) seems to vary on the approach to the law each judge takes.  I am going to be enrolling in summer school, but I plan on taking a lighter load than expected.  The way I figure it is that I am no longer in a rush to finish as I was a long time ago.  I want to take my time and cement good relationships with my peers.  In the future these will be my co-workers and maybe even employers!  I am currently working hard and “finishing” to get a job is not my priority.  I also figure that all of the summer courses available to first year students are: not fun, requirements, and dreadfully boring.  I will have enough time to take the required courses, if I stick to courses I enjoy and want to take it will make me a better litigator and better attorney in the future.

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