Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I played Tijeras Creek on Sunday.  6:24 tee time was brutal.  I naturally being my amazing self decided to wear shorts and a light sweater, but the cold must have helped me out because I only had two terrible tee shots all day; the rest were fine or at least I gave myself some kind of shot.  I putted well, I dropped a downhill twenty-five footer, and it was awesome.  I did skull a few shots because I was popping up to fast; it rather embarrassing but it happens.  I swung relatively easy and focused on crisp contact and the ball flew well.  I am excited because I feel I can kick up the power because I only felt I was swinging about 75% or 80%.  I was also proud of myself for keeping the profanities to a minimum.  Usually I am the first person to curse the ball when it misunderstands my intentions.  I have been known to also curse in multiple languages all in the same breath, quite impressively I might add.  Even when the shot was ugly, like tales from the crypt ugly, I managed to keep my cool and re-focus.  For example, I was on #17 and I hit a 3-wood and landed in the left side of the fairway.  Because I was 170 out, of the dogleg left, small undulating green and a creek blocking it so rolling it up was not an option, I wanted to hit a wedge and then play a lob really close. I managed to hit the wedge fat and have it roll 50 yards instead of the 110 I was expecting.  I ended up with a double bogey.  I was frustrated but I got over it and let the show go on.  I am certain had I been angry for longer than the duff shot my score would have been much worse than the double.  I think I was so calm because Saturday evening was so pleasant.
So I read, according the WSJ, the that the US government largely sided with the Vatican’s argument and that the 9th erred by allowing the sex-abuse case to go forward.  I am reading the Amicus Curiae brief and I am blown away.  Also, the theory of Respondeat superior is all over it.  As some of you may remember that was the topic of our memo for first semester.  Amazing, I understand some of this discussion which a few months ago seemed like gibberish at best.  I think justice would have been served best establishing that the Catholic Church in America functions as one unit instead of going after the Pope who is the leader of a sovereign nation.  I do not believe that what happened to the victims should go unpunished, however it seems too far fetched to expect the Supreme Court to try and drag the Holy See into an American court room.  We shall see how it pans out.  
Things are going good.  I have been really impressed and have really enjoyed this past weekend, hopefully it can happen more often; and that's all I have to say about that.

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