Thursday, May 20, 2010

Playing golf on Sunday.  Going to do the steepened swing, we shall see. But the putter will have to really perform or else…ebay that sucker.
“The laws that govern circumstances are abolished by new circumstances” - Napoleon Bonaparte
I think that the quote applies to most if not all situations relating from societal norms to modern warfare.  There are however certain areas of life that should not change.  For example, your moral prerogative should be immutable.  The way one determines what is right or wrong should not depend on circumstance or situation.  I recall reading an article about the Kennedy family dealing with their personal and political lives.  Personally they were Catholic and adhered to the Church as the rule for their lives, but politically they voted with the majority often times supporting views directly opposing their religious views.  Why do people feel the need to mutate that which should be perennial?  Why must we change our opinion just because the masses do?  Among my group of peers there has been a trend to go out and “live it up” while we are young.  A few of them are married or contemplating marriage and preach patience and to wait.  Many say they rushed into it, and although they have no regrets... they would have waited or done things a little differently.  It makes no sense that this group is also the one preaching “Carpe Diem.”  Carpe Diem, seize the day, is what got you into the mess you are in, why would you want me to join that club?  Why do they preach patience with respects to one aspect of life and then action with regards to other aspects?  Would it not be easier just to be the same for all situations; and in that manner form character and identity instead of relying on speculation and opinion to form the person we call “I”?  I think that proper reasoning should go into every decision you make, even the words that you choose.  So many times we think we are saying something, but our choice of words reveals something else.  As a youth I studied Latin.  Our professor never wanted to hear, “I’ll try.”  He would say that if you “tried” to eat you would die, better to just eat and live.  The words we choose have an effect on the way we look at things.  The whole glass half, glass full; think about it.  There is a reason why someone can say the same thing in two different ways and generate two completely different responses from the audience.  There is a limit to how careful we must be with our words.  The more careful you are, caution creeps in and innovations steps out.  There should be a balance, no verbal vomit, no silent 2 word person.  Your friends and acquaintances may influence which side you fall on; either too wordy or too quiet.  The key is to step up and accomplish something.  What is the point of seeking safety and assurance when those are but illusions of an ever-changing present?  Now I say the present is always changing, but there are universal truths.  I will not preach them here, at least not today - not really in the mood, but they exist and those do not change.  Your person, your ego, should be reconciled with your beliefs and vice versa.  Why live two lives?  It is pointless to present one face to the world and then be a pile of (expletive) in private.  It’s an insane expenditure of energy that can be better devoted to make something of yourself or help out society.  Heck, go plant a tree, ride a bike, pick up trash at the beach; do something but do it.  The perennial in all situations is you, the changing is how you interpret and act in each situation. Bam, permanence and change all rolled into one.
So the Arizona thing is getting a tad on the ridiculous side.  Let’s be honest, Immigration is a problem in America.  The problem has good and bad side effects, but regardless it is breaking the law to enter illegally.  However, Arizona’s law is going to generate not only a hostile response from illegal immigrants themselves but also from minorities in general who will inevitably be stereotyped by police.  I am not saying police are bad or doing it on purpose, but if they uphold the law, i.e. do their job, they will racially profile, it’s a fact.  Many will say that the law is not intended to racially profile anyone, hmm, how do you determine who to ask for documentation or not? Really, don’t be childish we all know this is simply a smoke screen so officers can be immigration officers in addition to their already taxing duties.  It is not fair to cops, you build a rapport with a community and now that community will not trust you because you can deport them, really smart AZ, A for effort Z for execution.  I read an article where Los Angeles City council decided May 12 to boycott the state of Arizona and Arizona based businesses to protest the new law.  Have you though this through LA? Let’s take more money away from AZ, strain their budget so they; 1. Can’t employ illegal immigrants you are boycotting on behalf of since nothing is selling and 2. Cannot collect taxes and afford adequate law enforcement; cops become careless and even reckless due to stress and being over worked.  Shortsightedness is what got that law issued anyway.  You want to make a statement CA?    How about this - issue temporary work visas for all Arizona Illegal Immigrants who can prove residency in that state for 10 years or more.  Offer incentives for them to leave AZ and relocate to CA, give them a Tax ID and have them pay taxes in CA.  Help our bottom line, and get the message across - CA and the country needs comprehensive reform not weak band aids that violate the foundation our country was laid on.

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