Thursday, September 23, 2010

Honey Stinger Gel - Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race

I have been messing around with nutrition lately because I have been expecting my body to react a certain way under unique circumstances. My typical day 5:30 am to 10pm is spent sitting at work for eight hours, driving after work an hour to school, reading (sitting) for an hour or so, going to class (sitting) then driving home another hour and half home. Once I get home I throw on some running shoes, roadID and hit the road for a few miles. Upon my return my legs hate me, my back hates me, heck I hate me sometimes but it feels so nice. I have a sedentary life but when I ask my body to do something it pisses and moans but it does it. Whether it is churning out a 75 mile bike ride on the fly or a 7 mile run when you only thought 3 were possible.

Because of these circumstances I have focused on staying healthy and watching what I eat at all times. Southern California is the Mecca of amazing food and unhealthy living. Randy’s Donuts (google it, big donut on the top) was one of my haunts during college since it was right down the street from LMU and a big mamajamma glaze donut after riding for a few miles is like fairy dust pushing you to the end. Unfortunately my body is not 20 years old anymore. I can’t eat like Joey Chestnut and drink like a sailor and still function the next morning. You can even follow the LA Food Trucks on Twitter and know where your favorite meal on wheels is going to be and when. Abbot-Kinney, west LA, first Friday of the month, look it up and thank me later and repeat.

El jefe got me some Honey Stinger Products and said that the REI guy was stoked on them. I naturally did a search and found out they are made by a small company in Colorado and a recent part owner is, Mr. Alpe d’Huez himself, Lance Armstrong. At a recent running expo, charities were out trying to get you run a marathon for their cause, I decide it’s a good idea to quiz the Livestrong rep. Yeah leave it to me to ask a rep promoting the fight against cancer about Honey Stinger and honey based products from Colorado… but she knew exactly what I was talking about! She said that she personally loved their products and used them herself; she was an athlete, naturalmente. But she did clarify that Honey Stinger was Lance’s own thing, not associated with Livestrong Foundation. I did some research about the picture because I figured the guy lived on a road bike. Lance won the 2009 - Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race. It’s a century that is a 50 mile out and back course. The altitude and climbs are brutal; sign-ups are in December and its open to amateur cyclist like me. If I don’t get into the Death Valley Century or Double Century (sign-ups in November) I am going to try and get into the Leadville one, I know both of these rides are very different. mountain/cold/windy/altitude vs. desert/hot/road; but if you are going to push someone push yourself first.

Anyhow, honey stinger gel is great. I have used both Gin Sting and Gold on a few hikes and trail runs. It tastes like a not-as-thick honey, and has added vitamins. I am going to incorporate it and use it alternatively with GU Tri Berry, which I do like. The Honey Stingers gradually give you energy taking longer than the GU, and sometimes you just need energy immediately so will not do away with GU completely. Honey stinger bars, any of the peanut butter flavored ones are good and so is the Berry Banana Buzz, I did not like the Apple Cinnamon at all, stay away from the apple cinnamon and feel free to point & laugh at friends who purchased that flavor in bulk.


Dan.Eliot said...

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Alex said...

Completely agree with you Dan. a law degree gets you a pair of initials and a huge debt if you are not passionate about it. For me personally its an investment, ever since I can remember I wanted to do one of two things, be a priest (did not work out) or be a lawyer. I am currently looking at different fields to work in, but if it does not work out at least I gave it a good go of it and I can die with no regrets