Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tamales - 3rd Circuit Court protects privacy - Trail Running

Only one day of class this week. So I decided to add some spice to the blog. I was starving this morning, so in an emergency situation, when you just need to throw down delicious lunch, paper works as a makeshift plate until suitable accommodations become available. It’s a fact. And tamales fresh off the stove at 5 am and consumed at approx 6: 30 am are miracles wrapped in corn.

Tuesday the 3rd Cir. Court of Appeals ruled that the government needed a warrant to access telephone records that could pinpoint a customer’s location. The idea is that access to phone records shows where you are dialing from, i.e. cell towers can pinpoint within several hundred feet, and by determining the pattern the police could reasonably know where you are. The government argued that warrants were needed for content on phones, but call info was “non-content” and did not require a warrant. I am glad we get to keep our privacy for a little longer. If the police truly needs this kind of information they can request the appropriate warrant. It is a concern to think that on a whim we can be located or tracked biologist track migrating dolphins. It is a good tool to be able to reasonable guess where a person of interest is because it can help the government be more efficient and cause the least amount of disturbance for the law abiding public, but there has to be a limit.

There is something about running on trails that I cannot explain. Running on dirt simply feels free. I feel more connected to my body than when I pound the pavement. My splits are worse and my muscles ache, but the connection with nature is amazing. I am so appreciative of cloud cover or a light breeze and even the wordless nod you get from other runners or bikers. When you ride bikes in general; roadies say hi to roadies and mountain bikers say hi to mountain bikers and that’s where it ends. A very similar division to sport bikes and harley’s …lines just don’t cross. But when you are on a trail and you are out there by yourself and happen to see someone you nod, say hi or just smile because the undeniable connection to nature is felt by both of you. It’s a good thing. Hopefully I can get more proficient at it. I am not good at running downhill. My legs kill at the end and I feel like I am losing control all the way down with no benefit of speed. I guess I will have to practice.

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