Monday, September 6, 2010

Nike Free 3.0 first impression - Future Girlfriend

Here are the new Kicks !!!  I took these Nike 3.0 out for a spin and they preformed perfectly.  I did notice more heel striking as opposed to my VFF.  However, I was able to clock one of my fastest miles since changing my stride.  On a side note I have updated my schedule to show the Los Angeles Marathon.  It has been one of my goals for sometime and I am going to give it a good go this year.  I am also signed up for some trail 10k's and I am looking for a 1/2 marathon sometime in December or January in case anyone has any suggestions.  I am going to start training with the Road Runners club.  I have been doing some training on my own, but marathons are not my "forte" since this will be my first marathon I can benefit from their expertise.  Also I had a chance to ride in Malibu this weekend.  The landscape is gorgeous.  Its a truly beautiful place.  I felt that I had left so-cal.  I spent the morning after the ride walking along the beach and taking in the sights.  I am really appreciative of being able to have that great morning.  I also met a guy who is a vegan and really quite brilliant.  I used to think it was odd or at the very least easy to be a vegetarian, but since trying it for 2 weeks in college and utterly failing I have come to respect that life style.  It must feel pretty good to align your beliefs and your choices.  I know that I sometimes fall short in that regard and that's why i think its bad ass for someone to live 100% vegan.  Ups to that.  I may give it a go, but time will tell because i am rather addicted to carne asada, sorry its true.
This is my future girlfriend.  I am glad el jefe is not jealous because that could cause an issue.  Its a 2010 Giant TCR Advanced...i.e. amazing.  The frame is just under 2 lbs and won my heart at first pedal stroke.  The TCR has the same frame geometry used by professionals and its feels so aggressive and the stiff frame so responsive that i am excited just thinking about flying up hills.

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