Friday, September 24, 2010

Mob Justice/ In-Justice in Mexico - Blood Donation - Moleskin Notebooks

According to the BBC, in Ascension, Mexico, men tried to kidnap a 17 year old girl. Cops caught them; shocker, and then a mob did not let the police through. The mob lynched two kidnappers. The police stated the men were alive when taken away, others say they took them so the mob would not set them ablaze. I am not sure how to feel about this. The situation in Mexico is terrible and often times it drives people to desperation. But at the same time you should not deprive someone of their liberty, extort them and make them suffer (not to mention their family) and then think you are going to get away free and clear. If you think that way get your head checked. I am not saying these men got what they deserved, because mob style death penalty is pretty serious punishment, but given Mexico’s storied history with criminals and corruption I am not sure the message would get through to other potential kidnappers in any other way.

I donated blood yesterday! I was debating going running tonight or not because my calf feeling pretty sore but I guess that sealed it. I was scheduled to donate blood so it was a blessing in disguise. I guess the guy upstairs is protecting me from my running bug. I did run two nights ago, felt better and had a quicker pace. I am beginning to really enjoy running at night solo status. It is calming and I notice when my mind shuts off and I get in the zone. Me, ma boy Orion (belt included) and the road.

I blog a lot, fact, however, I avoid blogging when I am angry or frustrated because I let them lips fly and can really offend people. When I need to write because I am frustrated I write in Moleskin Notebooks. I like the paper and quality. I have a few full ones at home and usually carry whichever one I am working on. I have done this since High School. I was in Barnes and Noble and I picked a notebook up because I wanted something sturdy that I could jot ideas for my philosophy thesis in. I ended up writing the outline for the whole paper in it. Between ramblings of perfect cities, Plato, Thomas Moore and Michoacán were documented fights and fragmented feelings. I would be frustrated with my ex-girlfriend and jot down my thoughts in such a way that only I would recall it. Whenever I feel sad I will write myself out of it, or read all the past musings and get mad at myself for feeling sad about things of no consequence. I bring it up because I saw a post in The Art of Manliness about famous people known for carrying notebooks; Mark Twain, Patton, Beethoven, Jefferson, etc. I think it’s a good habit because no person can remember everything and random thoughts often illuminate dark paths and offer us insight we never knew we had. I re-read a lot of my journals and am amazed at the things I did or put up with. The upside is that through all of it I see things that I consider essential to my being. I wonder if those great men looked at these notebooks to find themselves in times of trouble or seek guidance during the trials of life. I know I do, and I can honestly say through these I have saved myself time and time again.

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