Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Marathon Running Fear - Property (Pappa Cristos) - 1st Amendment - Need not apply in France

The Road Runners training program begins Saturday and that, holy crap what did I sign up for feeling is in full swing. Honestly what the heck am I doing? 10 years ago I was nursing a knee the size of a sweet melon and walking like a pirate with a wood leg. The injury that took me out as starting goalkeeper and assisted my official decree of 2000, I hate running. 2009-2010 year has taught me a lot about myself and a lot about life. The year had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. At the beginning of the year my life was geared toward family, settling down into a profession, etc.; something inside had just given into a certain method of getting to those goals. My life turned 180, I feel the same way but more determined to do what I was doing only better. Through no act of mine everything was flipped backwards. I became like one of those metals that can only be cleaned from its non essentials elements by fire. I went through a phase of reckless behavior followed by a steely calm. I decided to seek those things that made me an individual and strive to do good and avoid evil. I sought those things that others didn’t. I wanted to help my community, help my family and focus on me. I wanted more than anything to have something to show for the work I put in. I did not want momentary wins I wanted flat out personal character domination. I became obsessed with doing those things I hated because I figured…if I can conquer things I dislike but that I know are good for me…it will make sorting out good and bad things among things that I do like a lot easier. Unfortunately I discovered that I like to do a lot of random things, one being my sworn nemesis - running. I feel that I am a good place. I am perennially tired, near empty at all times. I read for law school, go to work, then run or ride close to midnight in either an annoying Toxic Green windbreaker or a White Jacket (with toxic green on it…hmm Nike Frees have lime green on them too…hmm…trend). For the first time in a long time my life seems to be moving forward. I use the comparison of a vacation. Before, I wanted to work for momentary vacations (concerts, shows, bars, clubs, dates, random’s, etc.) but now I am working toward permanent vacation (life, retirement, personal achievement, family). There is no time-share for the kind of vacation I want, but hopefully when the time comes and my vacation starts I will not even feel it because I will be too busy living it.

Property class was good last night. I did not feel lost, at least not that much. Life Estates are easier to understand for me because I work in the insurance industry and everything revolves around life expectancy. I also felt more connected to the material then other days. I really tried to focus all of class and write notes only when I thought the information was important…slides are being posted online, no need to repeat…and I just paid attention. It took some energy because stretching the brain after an 8 hour day and a 60 mile commute is tough, but good ol’ Pappa Cristos on Pico Blvd helped me out. The food was good and I had a nice table to lay the ugly property book down to read it…so among horseradish, gyro, salad, a Fanta (I am Hispanic what do you expect), I critically read and it made a huge difference because I felt better prepared than my usual quick read of the material.

I read a story in the WSJ law blog, the French Senate voted to ban burquas and other full-body robes worn by some Muslim women. It makes me mad. But I step back and remember that the 1st Amendment, although not uniquely American, it has a lot more weight in the states that overseas. It is disgusting that freedom of religion is not respected. An individual’s religious belief is not respected simply because of their association and what I think is international panic. No one stands up for things anymore. Are all countries just bending over to mass media and uninformed opinions? What happened to standing up for the little guy? I expected more from the French Senate and quite frankly the French people as well. Now I am glad they got booted from the world cup first round, (your welcome Ireland for the shameless plug).

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