Thursday, October 28, 2010

Willpower - NY Times Article - Geeks In Running Shoes

I read a lot of Blogs about a wide variety of topics.  I have found running blogs incorporate more of the bloggers personality than blogs about say…cooking.  Reason being that running is individual yet social, physically taxing but mental; all at the same time.   The other aspect of running blogs is that the running is often times a compliment to whatever they “do.”  For example there are teachers (, or coaches who also run marathons, businessmen or geeks (funny) who decide to start running (geeks in running shoes podcast), etc. 

Steve Magness from the “Science of Running” blog shared an article about willpower from the NY times.  The heart of the article is…man does not have less willpower now than before, there are simply many more temptations and instant gratifications now as opposed to a long time ago.    True, we can get everything we want right now, but at what cost?  Are you going to go and run a 6 minute mile at the cost of three weeks of injury recovery?  Are you going to run your first marathon hung over with no training?  Not unless you are not playing with a full deck. 

I was listening to “Geeks In Running Shoes” Podcast and they talked about doing the best for you.  I know I started running to escape the body I had built via bad eating habits, stress, and laziness.  Now I run to be out there and struggle, I run to fight my temptations to stop and quit.  I run because I fear quitting knowing that I could have pushed harder.

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