Friday, January 29, 2010

I went running today again, but I think I may have pushed it a little too much.  Also have been trying to coordinate a time when I can go and check out the trails in South Orange County.  The city of San Clemente was kind enough to post a map of all the trails and how they link up on their site.  I think i am going to check them out this weekend.  I read an article a few days ago that I wanted to chat about.  The article was from the BBC and it was in reference to something the governator said.  He suggested that illegal aliens be jailed in Mexico instead of the US.  According to him buy building prisons in Mexico and having private companies in Mexico run them the US could save billions of dollars.  I agree, but I wish it could be taken one step further.  I think that building prisons in Mexico to house individuals who cause trouble in the US is a great idea.  It will serve as a deterrent but maybe we should kick it up a notch.  Why not include the prison idea and the DREAM ACT idea.  Have people that are trying to be here legally and working hard to make America a better place by being educated get a chance at residency and citizenship, but those who are here illegally and commit crimes should be cataloged both here and in mexico and denied any visas temporary or permanent.  These people should be identified by their fingerprints.  This way when they provide an alias or a false identity both countries would still be able to ID them.  I think that illegal immigrants that commit crimes in the US are simply contributing to the negative sentiment that the the US has about our southern neighbor.  Lets get both sides talking and take real steps towards making it happen.  I have plenty of friends who are here illegally, but that are making the best use of their time.  One of them is pursuing a PhD, has zero debt from a private university and is shear brilliance; he deserves to be here.  But those who just come to the US to abuse the system and whose intention is simply to send money back to Mexico should really take a hard look at what they are doing.  Why send money back to your home country?  is it worth it to suffer and not see your family?  I think that wherever you are is home, they should be making the US great not taking away from its greatness.
This weekend I have to work on our legal writing class assignment.  I swear the most recent class was the most refreshing and great experience I have had so far in school.  The professor was wonderful and I felt like she was normal.  I am not trying to say that all of the other professors are not normal people because they are, but she just was speaking in a language I could understand.  She broke down exactly what type of writing she wanted and reassured us all about what was expected of us.  Last semester things were a little different.  I felt more lost and severely under prepared for the work load.  I think the amount of work hit me last semester the day before it was due, this time it is very different.  Our professor genuinely cares that we all become better legal writers and that is very motivating.  I also have feel that I am grasping concepts a lot faster than last semester.  I think that the combination of exercise/ golf/ and reading has helped mellow me out.  I was really starting to feel depressed about the whole law school experience.  
Golf was ok.  I hit at a range in Koreatown.  its nice because i can hit the end of the range.  I found that shortening my swing to 3/4 is giving me better results because i am getting better timing.  i am going to go with that and see where it leaves me this weekend.  

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