Friday, July 30, 2010

I have been running close to barefoot for the last few months. I did mention in my last post that my stride and pace have changed. However, I feel that I am moving slower, though more efficiently through my jogs. When I run, my heel rarely if ever touches the ground and my steps are quick and deliberate. I feel every contour of the ground and react accordingly. But I can’t seem to pick up the speed. If I am running at a good clip a sub 7 min mile is not that hard to pull off, but when I settle into my long term stride I am averaging 9-10 min miles, and that is no good. I think I am going to work on sprint intervals both with riding my bike and running to get some of the twitch muscles more engaged. I think they took a backseat to stabilizer muscles when I made the change to barefoot running. I am not a doctor, so I have no idea if what I said makes sense, but…facts: (1) ever since change to barefoot alex = no injuries (2) pace though slower I can keep going and I am not exhausted at the end (3) my posture has improved overall (4) there is no shortage of people looking at my feet wondering if I am going to roundhouse kick them Chuck Norris style. We’ll see if I can pick up the pace soon enough.
Identity is defined as “the state or fact of remaining the same one or ones, as under varying aspects or conditions,” per Webster’s dictionary. I think that the part of the definition that is missing is the perception of third parties since our identity is integrally tied to our social context. Most communication is non-verbal, these non-verbal communications are physical reactions due to the perception we have of one another. Others reactions to us will undoubtedly change how we react and thus influence what we think of ourselves. I think that America’s current political and ideological status can be analogous to social networking sites. America exports our culture: capitalism and democracy and it imports: cheap labor, consumerism. Likewise social networking sites have users create a profile that displays the “best” of us, and at the same time this profile imports reactions to our “best” by others. The verbose reaction would be a comment on our wall, in America’s case, a wall is a demonstration, speech of praise or condemnation for an international action, whatever side left or right you want to take with any story, etc. Silent responses are the most important but most overlooked. Yet these are the most important. The silent responses for America are ill-will and can escalate to terrorist acts trying to subvert our main export - democracy; silent perceptions for individuals are ill-will and gossip. Inevitable some with love or hate you and in both cases you did nothing to deserve the criticism or praise. I agree with anyone who thinks the following: - people can say whatever they want, I know the truth - or - I do not care what people say about me - or - people should mind their own business, etc. I think they are right in principle, and it shouldn’t matter because no one really cares; but the reality is that what people perceive is what they believe. It does not take a genius to understand that; remember what Saint Augustine said “conscience and reputation are two things…Conscience is due to yourself, reputation to your neighbor.” - nuff said.  mericans as well as social individuals have a responsibility to present ourselves in light of our ideals: independent, free, intelligent, strong-willed, etc., etc. But often private as well as public stupidity closes our eyes to the reality that how we show ourselves is how people think of us. For example the politician who is tough on crime but then subsequently embezzles millions from the community he is serving. I am not trying to say to walk around thinking you are God’s gift to man nor thing that you are the last coke in the freezer on a hot day nor am I saying that what others perceive should be your utmost concern, but when you are perceived as an idiot you attract idiots, when you are perceived as bright you attract a bright people, that’s a fact. What you attract is based on how people look at you because like-gravitate-to-like. George Bernard Shaw said “few people think more than two or three times a year; I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week.” Like America, individuals harp on particular issues and only think a few times a year maybe three times in an election year, when we should probably try to open our minds and hearts to positive things that come to us from every direction and even the least expected ones. American Identity and Individual Identity are best cultivated by taking all of it in and filtering through only the beneficial; timely advice, a stern warning or even a friendly suggestion from an old friend.
Law school final on wed night was a breaker. Can’t say much more than that…I probably will be writing more about law school come the full semester: Property, Constitutional Law, and Civil Procedure, dam.

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