Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yesterday was my return to road riding.  The course was to be a light ride, approx 10 miles, over some hills and at a leisurely pace.  Another Mudd Run is coming up July 18th in Irvine and I figured I should get some different exercises in prior to that day.  I have been good about jogging, but I have not really pushed it in a while so I figured with the Tour de France and the World Cup going my fitness level was pale in comparison.  I got home after getting an oil change, 10k on the car in a little over 3 months, and I felt dizzy.  Things just seemed to move and I figured I must be more exhausted than I thought since my whole sense of balance was off.  I decided to err on the side of caution and took a three hour nap, yeah three hours.  It was so nice to sleep because I wanted too instead of passing out over a book.  Come to find out there was an earthquake yesterday.  And what do you know it was right around the time I was walking out to take a ride.  Lesson to be learned; none.  I am an idiot who obviously needed rest, and needed God to shake the earth in order to figure it out.

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