Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It was hot but I had a chance to play Los Verdes Golf Course in Palos Verdes, Ca for my birthday. A buddy of mine invited me out and it was a great course to play. The course was very similar to San Clemente weather related overcast in the morning felt the heat until the 15th hole; it offered stunning views and greens that confound the mind. They were breaking towards the ocean in a ridiculous fashion, for those of you that play near the coast; you know what I am talking about. I hit some impressive shots and the tee box was really good to me. I was driving the ball longer than normal and giving myself shots at hitting the green on most par 4’s - now I am not saying I hit Greens, but at least there was a chance. Handicap went down to a 24.7…yes I practice lot but I am also honest about my scores so if you think my handicap is high try playing sometime and count all your penalties and see what happens. The shot I think was the best was a 7 iron (second shot) into a par four that landed 6 ft from the cup. It felt so pure and just bore through the wind like a bullet. It was sweet.

Summer school ended this week. I am looking forward to sleeping again and taking a little advantage of summer, maybe hit the beach. These last few weeks I have not been running as often because the reading and work load. We have learned a lot and I have become a better legal writer, and hopefully it will carry over to the rest of my tenure at school.

This morning I was listening to AM 570 on the way to work, and there was a guest on the show who wrote a book, “how to train your man”. Her demeanor on the show was simply weak; I did not trust her just based on how she expressed herself. I am sorry, but she was commenting on the Mel Gibson tapes and how his rage was built over years, Steven A Smith asked her if it was possible that the girlfriend just knew how to press his buttons to get him into that kind of rage, she avoided the question and kept repeating that it was rage that was building for a while. What the hell does she know? I understand that you may have an opinion but we do not know the lives of others or the circumstances of their relationship. She was simply assuming. Just like her book and website assume that you can “train” a man. She was asked what kind of advice can she offer all women regarding relationships and she said to be honest from the very beginning. Wow, we have a genius here people. Honesty - really that’s your advice, the same thing mothers have been telling their children for hundreds of years? What a breakthrough. I think I should write a book about how to train your women. It would be about a paragraph long…it would say,

1. Thanks for spending money on my book - cha-ching!

2. go out there and talk to women instead of trying to train them,

3. don’t look for universal life answers in any book, use others wisdom as a guide to life not an instruction manual,

4. have passion about something worth being passionate about (not BS - BS= vanity, gossip, 99.9% of TV),

5. do something with your life (like reading well written material or learning something new (and useful - no learning how to breathe on Mars or kill a zombie - sorry ladies Cosmo, US Weekly, Star, and other gossip junk do not count as reading),

6. and get your own personality (don’t be a follower),

7. avoid night clubs after age 23 (guys you should have a career that involves making money not pissing it away buying shallow women and overpriced drinks and gals - really? Your manner influences the way you are perceived and treated; Want price charming? - Act like it, do you think it’s a coincidence that Snow White and Cinderella were good daughters and/or responsible people? And that they got their jobs/responsibilities taken care of, Charming came to them not the other way…think about it.)

8. Dress appropriately for you. (please you know what I am talking about - guys, Ed Hardy shirts equal failure to match, it says - I can’t coordinate a darn thing so let me wear a loud annoying shit that has every color in the spectrum and ladies wear clothing; guys will tell you that you look great - ask yourself - what kind of man (note: man not boy) wants me to look like I am working Vegas? A man wants a classy lady who is confident not a shallow girl who only looks good because her self esteem is trash and she needs the attention…trust me men notice, but all the boys will like you…and then you wonder where all the good guys have gone…step 1-look in a mirror and ask - would I let my daughter wear this? 2-repeat until decent.

9. Hug babies and/or own puppies, know history and at least one magic trick,

10. Send me a thank you note for saving your life, bam done.

Now, I am not condoning what Mr. Gibson said, it is never ok to threaten or hit a woman, ever. (period). That having been said I am concerned about the girlfriends steely demeanor when taping Gibson. What kind of person does that? Allowing your significant other to yell at you like that? She has a child to protect and she allows herself to be placed in danger and speaks as if she does not care, really? Grow some fortitude and protect that child. And I am serious about #7, go to bars or hit up a nightclub if that’s what you are into, but be aware of what you are looking for and have some standards…I know alcohol does things to people but it’s not excuse for stupidity. If your thing is dancing and having a fun time, go meet fun like minded people. I do not hate on going to clubs in general. The issue is that they have become meat markets for both sexes and that’s scary. They seem, to me, to be factories for objectification and a place where idiots have game and intelligent people turn stupid. They look good now, but give it a few years, a kid, work, stress, etc. you will kick yourself for not finding someone who read rules 4, 5 and 6 a couple of times. Just be smart is all I am saying. No one wants to settle for something that will only make them wish they had not, buena suerte.

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Grace said...

I agree with you 100%!!! If everyone treated each other the way they would like to be treated we’d be better world. Where’s the respect?! It’s sad!

It’s nice to read a man point of view! Thanks for sharing this with me. When I’m ready - eventually one will notice.

“She has a child to protect and she allows herself to be placed in danger and speaks as if she does not care” this hit home - I would love to talk to you about your male opinion on marriage. We should do lunch sometime.