Friday, July 23, 2010

I signed up for a 100 mile bike ride.  I did it because it is held to raise funds for AIDS Services Foundation in Orange County, Ca to provide services for thousands with HIV/AIDS (  I immediately reconsidered my decision after seeing the map, but I am going to go at it hard.  Naturally I decide to go riding immediately afterwards because I have issues like that.  I have been sticking to golf and running (Neo-Barefoot) recently and had only done a few trails on the bike.  I took it out and rode; did 17.4 miles around San Clemente, avg speed of 11.4.  Not excellent but not decrepit as I had expected.  Stats are courtesy of (download this app for your phone and make it a workout tracker using GPS, its legit).  Anyway I am very excited to get back into working out.  I have been reading a lot about ultra marathoners and it is impressive how inspirational yet crazy they are.  “Born to Run” and “Ultra marathoner Man” are must reads for anyone who wants perspective.  I am naturally going to continue running because I do want to run the Los Angeles Marathon next March, the 100 Mile OC Aids Ride and a few things in between.  Anyway, enough about that; I feel stronger even though I am beating myself into a pulp with school, running, golf and now riding (again).  I really missed it and its time to put it all together, sharp mind and sharp body.  I was living in a life that did not suit me, lackluster to say the least.  Now, I feel rejuvenated thanks to an important person in my life.  There was one street that I almost lost it, funny I used to love riding it but avoided it the last few months.  An ex-girlfriend lives there; but it is one of the curviest streets in San Clemente that you can go almost full speed on.  So the temptation was too great and I rode down it.  It is a short shrinking “S”.  From the top you start at the bottom of an “s” and have a large swing to gain speed then it tightens up releases at the end.  The tightening caught me off guard and I went wide.  The bike shook a little and I felt my back wheel fish tail.  I thought, great I am going to be lying dead near my ex’s house.  I am sure this will go over well with the mexican grape vine.  Luckily, I was able to correct the bike in time.  I was fortunate the curb opened up just after the fishtail.  I knew I could not hit the brakes which would have meant some nice road rash or worse.  I straightened up right and cruised right onto the sidewalk.  Ever since I bought my second bike (first was a gift - Columbia Mtn Bike from Montgomery Ward), a Dyno VFR (8th grade by mowing lawns and an allowance), black with flames on it; that curve made me happy, and devil’s hill near Ole Hanson beach, but that’s another set of stories.  I really do like riding that curve though.  I will just have to be more careful maybe I can take it faster with more practice.
I have a law school final on weds that is freaking me out a little because the class is all about criminal defenses.  I like learning criminal defenses because they seem very practical and reflect the society that wrote them.  They reflect the moral standard that everyone in a particular jurisdiction is to live by.  But being tested on them is still intimidating.  Next semester is going to be brutal, just brutal.  I do not even want to fathom the work load, and the only light at the end of the tunnel is that I have already entered the tunnel by finishing the first year. Bleh we’ll see.
No news has really called me today. The only thing was that lady from the Stephen A. Smith Show from a few days ago.  I guess I am boring in that regard today.

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