Thursday, July 29, 2010

To what degree should the will of a few subject the country to their will. Today I have heard a lot about Arizona. I have already commented on it in previous posts. But the facts are these; AZ can’t afford it, it’s a piece of legislation that steps on the toes of the federal government’s rights and not even the police themselves in AZ want to enforce it. It has become in my opinion the national scapegoat for what is wrong with this country. - official compliant by az cop
As Americans we seek answers and solutions on the backs of others, in this case the whole immigration issue, a few months back it was the financial reform bill (Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill), that became a huge piece of pork barrel legislation and even sought to regulate factions that had nothing to do with the financial crisis - and did practically nothing with regards to Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, before that it was the subprime industry as a whole, etc, ad infinitum. According to economist Gary Becker, these organizations in 2008 held over 50% of mortgages and almost all subprime, yet we do nothing to them with our sweeping bill, we blame the banks for preying on the poor consumer who purchased a home on stated income that they knew they could not afford. Logically why did people think…hmm… this is a 30 year mortgage, i.e. had to be paid in 30 years and I can’t take the value and divide it by 360 months and expect to make the payment…maybe I should not purchase this home. Similarly AZ is encroaching on the Federal Governments power and authority to regulate immigration and clearly overstepped their bounds. Most will argue, well we are just enforcing the laws on the books, or that AZ is not in conflict with federal law. Really? Clearly there is an issue of law and that’s why there is an injunction on it. To be honest I bet that AZ will not make it to the Supreme Court, I think that the Federal level will rule dead. I think Nichols has it right.
“John Nichols, writing in the Nation, says the ruling is firmly grounded in the Constitution:
This is not complicated stuff.
Article 1, Section 8 of the document gives Congress the authority “to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…”
This is not some totalitarian scheme hatched by James Madison and George Mason back in 1787.
It was one of the most practical things the founders did.
For any country, especially any large country, there has to be basic uniformity with regard to questions of who gets to enter the country and how.” (WSJ Law Blog)
As I have stated before, the AZ law should not be a dividing force, it instead should be a calling to comprehensive immigration reform for the country and not just the feeble attempt to “enforce the laws on the books” - slavery and “separate but equal” were on the books for a very long time, that still did not make slavery or racial segregation right. We as a country, not a state need, comprehensive immigration reform that will both enforce laws that should be enforced and remove those that limit our humanity to squabble and racism.
I took a law school final last night. It was long and I was beat afterwards. I am happy that I answered all the questions and I felt that I covered the material I had to cover, but whether or not I did it well the grade will determine. I studied as much as I could and really attempted to get in the good hours. Tuesday night my anxiety over the test boiled over so I even went running at 1 am because I could not sleep. One of the reasons I was so anxious was because of a conversation I had this weekend. It both bothered me and made me a little sad. I generally do not let things get to me and I brush them off fairly quickly, but the combination of being stressed about school, rings (don’t ask), and lack of sleep along with a conversation of things past bummed me out for a minute there. I have been really good about rallying out of those days but every so often you get bummed out. Anyway for now it is over and I am excited to have summer for a change. Now summer for me means not driving as much to LA during the week, golf in the afternoons, and a renewed relationship with my fiancĂ© sleep, I missed her a lot.
My swing is beginning to take shape. I have been using the stack and tilt method for a few weeks and have discovered the following. When I am adhering to the S&T rules I strike the ball well, with a slight draw and I hit down on the ball. It’s a good feeling. The point of impact is between the hostel and the middle of the face. It produces a loud crack, I have caught people on the range turning to check who hit the ball, it is a really nice feeling. Also this swing method, since I am hitting down on the ball has forced me to focus on balance and swinging with conviction. Now the bad stuff: when I am off I still have a massive backswing which caused me to go flat and wristy. When this happens I get a powerful pull, like 15 to 20 yards offline and that is no good. I am going to stick with it for a little longer, then create a modified swing that incorporates both the leftward weight distribution and hitting down, but that is not as hard on the knees. - Also still running!!! I have been wearing my Vibram 5 finger shoes, caused my stride to shorten but I am getting faster and I have not been injured. I am ticking up more miles on both those and my bikes. I think I should be ready for the Disney half marathon and the 100 mile ride for aids. ( - sponsor rider: Alex Mares - DO IT). I am going to try and fit two or three half marathons prior to the LA marathon. I feel I got a new lease on life. (P.S. I did get a RoadID - I really don’t want to talk specifics, but running and riding again has returned me to a calm place, and with the experience I have gained and a better knowledge of myself I feel better and want to have a positive impact on the community.

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