Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Running Through “Pain”

Yesterday was a long day at work and I really just wanted to get away.  I decided to go for a run instead of driving to LA for class.  Sorry, but I needed a break from the 120 mile round trip.

I went with a Camelbak and headed out the door.  My intention was to run around the perimeter of San Clemente, CA and arrive at home.  The loop involved costal trail, single track and pavement.  That did not work out as I was tweeting near mile 3 or 4.  Monday I had done race pace running and my legs apparently do not like a longer run after being put through some pavement beat down.  I had a 19:40 minute mile (walking).  My heart sunk because I really thought I was going to make it, I felt strong, but my left leg gave me the shut down special.  You know that feeling when you are breathing well, feeling strong, hydrated; but some part or another decides to raise a white flag.  At that point I decided not to quit, that I would walk the whole thing if I had too.

Once I hit some trails I immediately felt better, my shoes (Brooks Cascadia 5) agreed with my trail assessment.  I was weaving through a trail I love doing on my mountain bike that runs adjacent Cristianitos Rd.  It is mostly single track, technical and overgrown.  At this point the sun beat me.  I had no flashlight, wearing black and the sun started setting, I had to call it in.  So I ran to the end of Cristianitos Rd, then back into San Clemente. 

I will try the loop again, in the near future.  But I probably learned more about me in failing that I would have had I succeeded.  The first is that you really can push through anything (it may not be good if it injures you but eh it happens).  You can generate enough grit to get out there and fight the good fight.  Your body will heal on the run.  When running you can think about loosening up or relaxing and it happens …its weird and sort of hippie but believe it.  I also learned it is much easier to quit than I thought.  I always figured it would be a struggle and haggling with yourself, but no.  You just decide between heartbeats to quit and its game over.  Before this run I never gave myself enough credit.  Often times I go reckless and just run, bike though stupid circumstances.  Down Crisitanitos Rd I could have turned north and hit the trails at night, but that would have been a bad move because the plan was to clear that section before nightfall.  I am glad I was conscious enough to step back and leave it for another day.  I will be back San Clemente Loop of legend, I’ll be back. 

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