Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughts: Ironman - Art of Manliness (moleskine) - Blogs

I read Scott Dunlap’s post (A Trail Runner’s Blog) and I am immensely jealous in a good way.  I can almost feel how exciting it must have been to be competing at the 2010 Ironman World Championships.  It is utter insanity and a test of physical and emotional endurance.    Good job to him for finishing it, that’s an impressive act.  I try to imagine the electricity in the air with literally the more physically gifted athletes in the world go after the dream of getting though an ironman.  2 mile swim, 110 bike ride, and then a marathon for giggles at the end, wow.  After reading his post I am sure you will have Ironman illusions of grandeur as well.  Link

I have been writing in my Moleskine a lot lately.  And I am really happy to report its mostly good things.  The Art of Manliness post about great men who wrote journals must have kick started me to begin writing more often.  I used to write while frustrated in order snap out of it, but running and physical activity have cooled my relationship with my Moleskine.   I find myself jotting down quotes, trails or routes I like running or want to run (Western States 100 lookin at ya), Philosophy, and the interminable search for self awareness.  Almost like Walden (by Henry David Thoreau) minus the lake, excellent prose, and transcendental value. 

Reading running blogs or just blogs in general I feel that there are passionate people out there who are getting it done.   What “it” is does not matter, whether it be running 100 miles, an Ironman, or cooking the perfect Tres Leches Cake…its happening because they are putting in the time to pursue what makes them happy.  It is inspirational and motivating to see there are many folks working and living daily life and getting every last drop of goodness and making more of it.   

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