Monday, January 18, 2010

Comments = Pings = No School

Funny how one comment or statement can change your whole perception of someone or a group of people.  The other night I went to visit a friend of mine I had not seen in a long time.  We had a great time catching up and smoking cigars.  In the course of our conversation a topic came up.  He mentioned that he heard someone make a comment about me that he did not agree with because he knows both sides involved.  But it bothered him.  He gave me a warning and re-confirmed what others had already warmed me about.  I really did not give it much thought until later last night after I got home.  I could not get the comment out of my head, and the weird thing is the 7 words were terms those people use not my friends.  I could be certain that he had heard something of that sort.  It concerned me, but at the same time consoled me.  I thought I had made a better impression but apparently I am only human and can’t please everyone.  I also came to a distinct realization; I express myself in act not in words.  I don’t really speak much about anything close to me but when I do things they are expressions of what I want or need.  I should really practice talking it out some more.  And I am going to shooting range tonight and it should be fun times; I have actually never fired a real gun (BB guns and pellet guns don’t count). 

Law school has been great, it did not happen because of MLK day, so I get one day to re-read a few things that I sped read this weekend.  Happy times.

Yes the exciting paragraph.  Two sets of Pings arrived fresh from the Ping factory in Phoenix, AZ.  I had gotten fitted for pings at the golf shop but was not about to drop a couple grand on new sticks.  That would be crazy and I am a broke law school student.  So I went online, investigated which older pings could be adjusted directly by the manufacture and stole them on eBay.  I say stole not because I literally high jacked them in an online sting or anything, but I did get sweet deals.  I got two ISI-K (3-PW) and Eye 2+ (2-SW).  So now both sets are orange dots.  When I decide to sell a set I will throw it up on eBay and get rid of it.  So the end is coming near for those rounds where I failed to break 100.  I know it is not a lofty goal by any standard but it’s my goal darn it, for now.

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