Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yesterday went to the shooting range. It was more complicated that I had thought it would be. We ended up shooting one 40 and one 45 cal pistol. I am not a gun advocate but I do believe that the bill of rights should be protected. At the same time I do not think that all people should have one; they are pretty serious. The 45 had the quickest trigger and it commanded respect. I felt like my trigger finger grazed it and the gun would shoot. In the hands of someone with bad intentions that gun would be terrible. However, I did enjoy firing them, and I will probably go again, but to own a gun would not be my thing. I think it is good to know how to shoot, kind of like a guy should be able to do an oil change. Anyhow, it was fun and I liked it a lot but I think that will be a range only thing. I also read a story in the BBC that the updated picture of Osama Bin Laden; classic. The FBI composite person took the picture of a Spanish businessman and aged it. They FBI apparently said that the stock pictures they have to work with did not work so they pulled this guy’s mug off the internet. So now he is going to have to wait in line even longer at the airport. Because his face would technically be a plastic surgery fix of Osama.

The story is priceless. I love it that we are the most technologically advanced country in the world, supposedly and we resort to googling random person’s faces in order to get potential Osama look a likes. Classic. This one is right up there with looking for weapons of mass destruction. I am an independent so don’t guess my political leanings, but I guess memorable errors occur in any administration regardless of the party

Law school was good, read a lot on the weekend but I did not retain as much as I wanted too. The weather just put me in an off mood. I know California is spoiled and rain is not a normal occurrence, but remember Californian’s pay for it in taxes and crazy fees, thanks governator.

The Golf paragraph is always my favorite paragraph. I have decided to play two driver’s next round and take out my 3 wood. The main reason is because I cannot even hit the dam 3 wood. I hate that thing with a passion. I hit it but it goes 9 yards above the ground and there are really no holes where I could use it since, I van hit a hybrid more accurately and off the deck the 3 wood is not going to happen. I tried it on the first par 5 at the san clemente muni a few times in an effort just to “get it out there” to no avail. So I figure that the two drivers would suit me better. One is a 10.5 and the other is a 9.5. The lesser lofted one is also 1.5 inches shorter and the head is smaller. So its like an angry 3 wood that I hit very low. The other is my standard r7 driver.

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