Saturday, January 9, 2010

Devil's Advocates - humitily - golf

I have been reading a ton this winter break.  I read a book called the "Devil's Advocates".  Now everyone that saw me with the book would immediately tell me to watch the movie and that al pacino was great in it as the devil himself.  I would smile and thank them for their imput.

the book is actually about the greatest closing arguments in criminal law.  The Miranda v Arizona (your miranda rights in case you don't remember), John Adams defending the British Soldiers of the "Boston Massacre" & a few other good ones.  I really never think about landmark decisions or cases that have changed the scope of American History and american culture but in reading these I found them fascinating.   Highly recommend the book, and the good thing is that it is one of those books that you can put down for a while and them pick right up and it still reads well. 

Next week I start school again, I am excited because even though it stinks to sit in LA traffic I do miss the conversations and class discussions.  I know I am a nerd but whatever.  Its refreshing to listen to people speak and how eloquent some of them are when doing it.  I think sometimes that I am very hard on people that I do not know and sometimes even brush them off, its true, sorry.  But when I listen to the thing that come out of people in class I am reminded that although they give off a certain impression the fact is that there is an intellect at work there that has a lot of knowledge to share.  Got to practice staying humble more often. 

The problem with me and the humility problem is that it blends with my patience problem.  I lost patience and have not had time to go and look for it.  When I get impatient I seek to quickly dismiss and do not give the necessary time to people that I should.  I am going to work on that one.

So last week I purchased a hybrid club for my bag.  I am excited but sad at the same time.  I am excited because it will give me the chance to score easier and hopefully start hitting part fives either in regulation or at least give me a decent third shot in.  The part that makes me sad is that i have not been able to regain the distance i had for two weeks.  There was a two week span in November that i was hitting every club in the bag at least 20-30 yards further.  I was so excited I could not wait to take my new found distance onto the course.  However, the day before my scheduled tee time it promptly disappeared after a spirited discussion (i.e. argument) with my now ex girlfriend and never came back. 

So naturally I blamed circumstance, but it has been a few months now and I have been unable to get that level of solid contact with the ball.  We'll see hopefully going to the range in Koreatown will straighten me out.  I actually sort of miss the Korean pop music they play, its catchy.  I have no clue what is says or means or anything but the tune of it does stick in your head.  we shall see.

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