Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the South Butt

I read an article today about the North Face, mountain climbing Apparel Company, and their lawsuit against another company called “the South Butt.” The lawsuit is classic. This 19 year old kid decided to start a clothing line as a joke and parody of the North Face. The motto of the line is “never stop relaxing” and he had about $5,000 in sales when he got sued.

Because of the suit he can now pay his full 4 year college tuition bill .


I think that’s awesome. Its capitalism and the North Face, although they are trying to protect their image but this kid out of nowhere takes a shot at them. I think that they may have a good chance of shutting him down because the logo seems to be the North Face logo but upside down. It will be interesting to hear the arguments about infringement, but until then I think I am going to a buy a sweater and rock it at REI.

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