Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I had my fist torts class last night which was great but scary at the same time.  The professor is super high energy (for an evening class) and very intelligent.  I have the same feeling from all my professors except one.  They are very brilliant; it is impressive.  However I felt like the class was going to be one that may drift off topic because of the nature of torts.  I think I am going to have to read a lot of supplemental material in order to wrap my head around the subject prior to engaging in much class discussion.
True to form I am sitting in the front, just like I did for Criminal Law.  When I am scared of a class I think the front is the best place to be, because it forces you to be prepared, and maintain attention span.

This winter break I have had an unusual amount of time to myself to simply reflect on the decisions that I have made over my short life span.  Even though I have made many terrible decisions they have inspired great ones.  My first thought is that I would take back the “bad” decisions in a heartbeat.  However, upon reflection I think the bad decisions not only gave me the greatest learning opportunity but at the same time reiterated how truly blessed I really am.  I have been lucky all of my life.  I am not a wealthy guy nor do I come from wealthy family but I have never had to worry about where my next meal would come from like many Americans have too.  In america we are really blessed that there are so many people willing to help out.  Places like Haiti that have suffered a national disaster can look to us for help.  If anyone reads this please donate to the red cross or another charitable organization and pray for them and their families in this time of need.
I am also fortunate to have a Mexican mom and grandmother who are amazing cooks.
Its great whenever I go over to my grandmother’s house she is always so concerned that she has nothing prepared to give me.  However in five minutes flat she whips up ten things, a coke and tortillas…heaven.  With all the additional time I have had to myself I have been relatively productive.  I have started running again, which is dreadfully slow, but it’s a must.  Also I have improved my golf swing (I think). 
I am focusing more on tempo and having an inside to outside swing path, unfortunately my timing is not where I want it to be but it is getting there. I also got re-fitted since my swing has changed so I am an orange dot with the ole pings (2 deg flat).  I think that it should work out perfectly so I am not worried.  I have opened up my stance more to combat the reverse pivot I had, thanks baseball, and to give me better aim at the target.  I am focused not as much on my feet being square but rather on squaring the face of the club at impact.
I am going to do my best to play Saturday mid-morning at the usual San Clemente Muni.   I have been walking on as a single and just joining people on the tee.  I don’t understand why I am more comfortable playing with strangers than with people I know.  We’ll see if the distances hold up since it is supposed to rain next week and be fairly cold on Saturday.  Mind you this is California cold so probably a sweater and a cigar should do it.

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